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It is important for us at Eclectik Yoga to offer you secure payment systems. We have chosen the following payment methods: 

- Secure bank card payment via the MONETICO safety norm offered by the Credit Mutuel Bank. It confirms the identity of the bank card user through the “Verified by Visa” system for Visa cards and "MasterCard SecureCode" for MasterCard 

-    The bank card number is entered on a secure page hosted by the bank and is not shared with the seller.

-  The information in encrypted (TLS technoligy)

-  The card number is never printed in full on the payement slips.

The principle is based on the verification of information known only to the cardholder, and is requested by the bank at the time of the transaction.

- Secure PAYPAL interface to safely enter Paypal account information. 

In the event of a fraudulent or unauthorized transaction on your Paypal account you are not responsible for the purchase if you file a transaction dispute within 60 days. If your purchase fulfills the Protected by Paypal terms and conditions, Paypal will reimburse the transaction.

- By cheque drawn on a French bank

- By bank transfer