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knee wedge - Beech


Additionnal wedge.

Made in France, with social and solidarity values.

En stock

The triangle serves multiple purposes like supporting the hips in seated poses, activating the muscles in the arch of the foot, creating space behind the knees… Beech is a more resistant and heavier essence than Pine.

This Wedge is perfect for regular use in Yoga Center.

triangle yoga iyengar

Solidarity: All our wooden equipment is made by a team of woodworkers with disabilities. 

Every item of equipment is created attentively to make it an attractive aesthetic object and a good tool for yoga practice. 

Ecology: Choosing practice equipment made of wood is a positive environmental choice. Wood is a clean, noble and living material that guarantees a longer life for your equipment.  

Over time, your practice will add a natural sheen to the intrinsic beauty of the wood.

Data sheet

11 et 5 cm
19 cm
base : 3 cm - sommet : 0,5 cm
240 grs

Specific References

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